Hill St wholefoods

"A lot has changed since grandma fine-tuned her blueberry scones. Recipe books can be downloaded, women have established a strong foothold outside the kitchen and we’re all a little more aware of what we’re putting in our tums. 


But as our need for wholesome treats without gluten, refined sugar and dairy rises like a perfect pear and ginger loaf, our spare time is at an all-time low and we all know that sinking feeling of spending half the food budget on healthy ingredients you only use once. Sorry, no more cooking puns. 


Hill Street Wholefoods brings together my love of hearty baked goods and my appreciation of unprocessed ingredients into ready-to-go mixes that will impress the pants of grandma and the picky lady from accounts. While one in three New Zealanders now exclude an allergen from their diet, our delicious collection makes cleaner, heathier baking accessible to all. You’re welcome."

Muster provides Hill Street Wholefoods with our talented copywriters to bring their cheeky, bold tone to life. Whether it's what's on the box, billboards, social media posts or website copy, we're always there with our touch of charm and do our best to limit our baking puns.