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Utility is an infrastructure and finance consultancy who solely assist on projects that have a positive impact on the world. They recently broke away from their previous employer and wanted to create a new culture and ethos for their industry. 


We worked with the guys on their brand strategy, name and end line – ‘great minds to good use’. Since then, we have named their shared workspace ‘The Coop’ and worked with Blend Creative & Co to develop their new website.

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We have also named and developed a new arm of Utility's business; ‘The Solution Hunters Collective’ - a team of skilled, like-minded professionals who work together to find positive results for their community and environment. 

We built and designed their website


Through the Solution Hunters, we have worked with the guys on implementing Vision Zero in New Zealand, the funding and construction of Hawea Flat School hall and developing a podcast and TV series for the organisation ‘Foster our Future’ who work to inspire the next generation to take an active interest in the infrastructure of New Zealand.


For each project we have designed and built a new section of their website.

Vision Zero

The ‘Vision Zero’ initiative is a safety system designed around the ethical principle that no one should die or be seriously injured on our roads. It’s rooted in the belief that every traffic death and injury reflect a failure in the system, and that none are acceptable.

Together with Utility, we wrote a think piece to put through Queenstown Lake District Council and created a website

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