high-performance home expert.


"I come from a long line of craftsmen. Seven generations, all with a connection to our stunning land and a dedication to building our community quality homes. Passion, talent and my favourite Swazi were all passed down, but so were the old inefficient systems and materials.


After over thirty years in the construction industry, I started to wonder; our cars, phones and washing machines were evolving in leaps and bounds, so why haven’t our homes? Why does New Zealand settle for cold winters, condensation, respiratory conditions, expensive power bills and the depletion of our natural resources, when countries across the world have been reaping the benefits of modern housing systems for decades?

Today we hope to inspire our community to demand more from their home, set higher standards of construction across the board and work together to protect our land and all who dwell within it. To operate above and beyond the building code with systems based on science and experience, not the bare minimum or what Grandad used to do. All due respect Pops.


Our brand mark is our quality seal; the Tiki, koru, waves and Kiwi are our connection to nature, our Maori heritage and the stunning place we’re lucky enough to call home, while each level represents our specialist process from quality foundations, through to the superior building envelope keeping you cozy from the foundations up. 


When you see the CBG mark, you know this home was built for the future."

We worked with the passionate team at CBG to bring their ethos to life, through an in depth brand strategy, spanking new website, testimonial videos and launch promo (watch this space). View the full website here