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Wild Diamond is a micro-distillery in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, crafting delectable spirits that are both inspired by and respectful of our stunning natural surroundings. 

Naturopath, Christian and head distiller Claire Iredale, comes from a professional background in herbal medicine with a love of nature and good spirits. On finding out that herbals were traditionally delivered through alcohol, she brought her three passions together.

Claire loved the idea of being rough, real and raw while remaining sophisticated and premium. Like her rolls of Naturopath, Christian and head distiller, we thought this was an interesting contradiction. 

When working with her to develop her brand strategy and rebrand, we turned this concept into a new end line and platform ‘Bottled Contradiction’.

In a world of extremes, many people have become walking, talking contradictions. The vegan with a gun licence, the environmentalist who drives a diesel, the healthy food fadder who loves a drink or two. 

It is these contradictions that make us the imperfect humans we all are. They bring us back to earth, keep us grounded and balanced, and prevent us from becoming high, mighty and extreme. They also make us more interesting. 

This idea was about acknowledging and celebrating the different elements of our makeup. It talks about what makes Wild Diamond real and unique and invites their drinkers to embrace the different elements of their values with us – good, bad, light, dark, rough, sophisticated, realistic and aspirational.